Online Portfolio of Steve Walker


email: Ikosan@hotmail(dot)com
Phone: On request

I’m a character artist specialising in concept design, next gen asset creation and rig building/ skinning


Puss in Boots (Xbox Kinnect, PS3, Wii) – Dreamworks THQ / Blitz Games Studios

(in production)

Character artist responsible for the creation of lead characters. Required to work with Dreamworks to create real time one for one likenesses of well known characters. Also responsible for initial animation/deformation tests and rig creation as well as research and design into fur shaders, asset size budgetation within the in house game engine and designing a system to allow interchangable asset creation for non bespoke characters.

Dead to Rights Retribution (Xbox 360, PS3) – Namco Bandai / Blitz Games Studios

Character artist responsible for many of the games npc enemy characters. Often required to create original assets as well as to oversee the quality of models received from outsourcing agencies. Also responsible for marketing screenshots, renders and research and design into the tank class character model and rig.

Emergency Heroes (Wii) – Ubisoft / Ubisoft Reflections

Level editor required to build props and populate the world using the in house engine.

Software Experience:

Currently using –

Maya 2010
Zbrush 4
Photoshop CS3
Blender 2.45

Also experience with:

3DS Max


First Class Honors in Ba Computer Games Art – The University of Teesside

HND Fine Arts – Loughborough University


For more information, please contact me on the details above.

Thankyou for visiting


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